I have already registered, how do I add an eWallet?
To set up an eWallet if you had not createdone when registering for the first time.

Go to "My account" click on "Create  eWallet Account".


Fill in the details.
Your  eWallet Number will be shown.

How do I top up my eWallet?

There are two ways to top up your eWallet; either via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to our bank account or via credit card.

Our bank details: BSB: 084-004 Acct No: 18-859-2705

The EFT transaction will take up to 48 hours to appear in your eWallet account.

Please bear in mind that transferring funds using EFT is free of charge but using credit card to top up your eWallet will incur credit card fees of 30 cents plus 1.5%.

To view instructions please log to your account; click on the 'My Account’ tab and you will be able to see the details of the two processes.

How do I view my past transactions?
Select 'My Account'.
Click on 'View Order histroy by Student'
A list of your transactions will appear

If my child is leaving the school and I decide to close my account, will any remaining funds in my eWallet be refunded?
Yes, any remianing balance will be refunded upon reuqest in your nominated bank account.

Please fill in contact form in the 'Contact Us' page to advise us of:
  • Your decision
  • Your eWallet Number
  • Your bank details.

How do I know if my order is successful?
For every successful order you will receive an automatic email to the registered email address. (the registered email address can be update in "My Account' - 'My Profile'.

You can also go to my account and check the Product Order History' or ''View My 'eWallet'' where the transaction listing will show the status of your order.

Can a student be registered by different parent and guardians?

Each user can register a child. The account is under the user name.
As an example a Guardian can register several students.

My student name does not appear in the drop down list!

You need to Enrol/Add the student. Click on  'My Account' Tab above, then 'Add/Edit  Student' icon.  Click on the appropriate action tab. - 'Add Existing Student or 'Add New Student'. Follow the prompt.

Can I order for many children in one order?
When choosing a product there is a select student box . If you have registered several students a drop down list will appear.

Can I change my login details.

No  your login address will always remain the same.

You can update you email address for notification by going to 'My Account', select 'Edit  account details', updae the 'email notifications' section and save the changes.


How do I view my 'eWallet' transactions?
Go to 'My Account'
Click on 'View eWallet'
A list of all your transactions will appear